In defense of tap water

Why tap water and bottled water are equally safe

Purified water, then, can be simply bottled municipal water, or stated differently, bottled tap water. Often people assume purified water means it’s more pure than tap water, which is not true… Many bottled waters also claim to be spring water, which “simply means the water originally came from an underground source called an aquifer,” Giammar explains.

“The only advantages to bottled water would be convenience and aesthetics,” Giammar says. “Convenience, because the water can be brought to you, often cold, in a bottle. Also, some consumers may prefer the taste.”

There is one qualifier:

If you live in a house with old plumbing, corrosion of the pipes can lead to copper and lead leaching into the water. If you’re concerned about this, Giammar suggests getting a water filter, such as that made by Brita.

Still, I feel as vindicated as when butter was found to be better for one than margarine.

(Happily continues chilling tap water in the fridge.)

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