One of the things about living in the Southwest is that sometimes the sun shines even while it rains.

One of the things about the sun shining even while it rains is that we get some of the most spectacular rainbows I’ve ever seen.

Last night was one of those night. Spectacular full double bow, filling a quarter of the sky, with the legs of the primary bow almost as bright as the sunlight it came from, at times. The very faintest hint of a triple bow, even, if one looked hard enough.

The bow faded and we went in. And then we went back out and found the sky was all red with sunset, and the double bow had reformed in full over that. Not sure I’ve ever seen a rainbow with red, not gray, as background.

Lovely, lovely stuff. Sometimes, the desert grabs you when you’re not expecting it and reminds you just how spectacular it really is.

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