Writing and horses and weather

Well, there’s not much to say about the writing really, other than that I did lots of it, and it seemed to go well enough.

Also got to ride dancinghorse‘s Capria again–I’m honored that Capria lets me on her back at all, really, given how more she knows about this riding thing than me. 🙂 Though as it turned out, Capria and I were both having an out-of-sync sort of day, so we didn’t ride very far–but that’s okay, too.

Remember that voice lesson where things just didn’t come together, even though they had in the past? This was sort of the horse equivalent, only it was horse and rider, not singer and voice, that weren’t quite connecting.

It happens in writing too, when the writer and the words just don’t mesh quite right. One good thing about being a writer, I suppose, is that once one accepts that this will happen sometimes in one’s writing, it’s easier to accept that it will happen with other things one endeavors to learn, too.

Much good conversation and general hanging out, after. Monsoon clouds were teasing us by the time we left. The air really does feel a little electric as the monsoons begin to move in–I think horses and humans alike feel it.

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