Adventure! Excitement! Weight loss?

Stumbled upon the following, in a listing of recently published local books:

“… NO WAY TO LOSE, a saga regarding weight loss the hard way. Three people, while attending an obesity convention in Tahiti, find themselves marooned on an uncharted island with a deadly smuggler. Struggling for every bite of food, falling in love and running in fear from criminals, they become slender in their fight for survival.”

Forget about tales of survival where the characters discover inner strength, or even hard truths about themselves. The real upside of surviving life-threatening peril is, apparently, that one loses weight.

This could actually be fun, if it were played as a comedy or satire, but the excerpt on iUniverse’s web site is more earnest than that.

Said excerpt also includes a dedication that ends with, “And at last, this book is for all those who would like to see themselves slim, if only just once.”

I can, umm, think of better reasons to seek adventures.

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