Witchcraft and Wizardry

Saw Harry Potter 3 with windrose and lnhammer last night.

I think this is the first movie of the three that I genuinely enjoyed. The writer and director understood about following through on thematic threads, about making those threads neither trite nor too heavy-handed, about depth, about making things visually interesting and story-wise compelling, about how if you want to be true to a book, the last thing you should do is copy that book loyally. Movies are not books, and it’s the spirit of the thing you’re after.

I might even argue (though it’s been a while since I read the book), that the writer and director here were, well, better storytellers than Rowling.

I mean, I enjoyed the third book the most of the three (never got through the second, still need to read the fifth); but I never felt any need to reread any of them. Yet I could see reviewing the movie quite happily, at some point.

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