Dragon weather

The high yesterday hit 105 F, which means it really is summer, even here in the desert.

Hot, dry–this is the time of year locals think of as dragon season. When even the slightest of breezes blows through such heat, it really does feel like a dragon’s breath.

While the first impulse of non-locals might be to run away from such weather (and many /s/n/o/w/b/i/r/d/s/ winter visitors do), there’s something deeply compelling about it.

I’m not sure one can fully understand–or be a part of–the desert without staying with it through a few of its summers.

I actually enjoy the cold and dislike the heat. But I still await the dragon’s breath each year. It’s simple, harsh, cleansing, right. The cycle of the year wouldn’t feel complete without it, anymore than a northern year would feel complete without snowfall.

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