Imposter syndrome

In truepenny‘s journal there was some discussion of imposter syndrome. You know, those voices that say to you, about any particular thing you are doing, “Well, I’ve fooled them so far, but one day they’re going to find out I’m not any good and have no right to be doing this after all.”

Do any of you hear imposter syndrome voices (even if you know, on some level, they’re lying)? If so, in what fields of endeavor? Are there any other areas in which you don’t hear these voices?

I find I worry a lot more about being “found out” in this way on the fiction side of things than on either the business writing or web design sides.

I also find that, having learned that so many writers feel this way on some level, I don’t take the imposter syndrome voices as seriously as I used to. And that of course, said voices are louder when I’m already having a bad day for whatever reason.

If anyone doesn’t have any twinge of imposter syndrome, do you have any take on why not?

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