Well, a specific horse, really. Today I rode dancinghorse‘s Capria.

Capria is a lovely, lovely horse to ride–and a fabulous teacher, as well. As she responded to the commands I was giving her, I learned to give better commands. Far more of what I’d learned about riding came back that I expected, including some of the basics of seat and balance. Wow.

(And of course, I was very quickly trained back out of the “tighten your legs around the horse when she goes too fast” instinct. Because, well, tightening your legs is a way of shouting “go faster!” When the horse speeds up, the human needs to become more relaxed, not less. :->)

After some time in the ring dancinghorse and I went for a ride around the neighborhood. Capria is a very gracious trail horse indeed. And I remember at some point just grinning and thinking, “I’m riding a stunning horse through a stunning stretch of desert.”

And I can see why one might think Lipizzans are telepathic. 🙂 Pretty much, you look in the direction you want to go, and the movements involved are enough to tell the horse what you want to do.

Capria definitely has the Lipizzan sense of power waiting to be loosed, as well. She put up with my commands to slow down, but you could just see her thinking, “Come on. Give me the signal. I want to run!”

I’m honored Capria was willing to put up with me. It was a lovely ride.

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