Writerly questions (and answers)

From julseykit by way of penmage:

Questions for writers:

1) Why do you write?
Because I have stories I want to tell.

2) Why did you first start writing?
Because pen and paper would listen even after everyone else got fed up with me.

3) What kind of advice would you give/What would you tell someone who might consider writing, but needs a little nudge?
Just do it. All writers start as reasonably ordinary people wondering whether or not they can really do this.

4) What kinds of writing do you do? (stories, poetry, essays, articles, etc; please include genres if you write fiction)
Middle grade and young adult novels; middle grade, young adult, and adult short stories; both mostly fantasy. Nonfiction articles. And once, a poem.

Questions for the non-writers (included here in case others want to answer them):
5) What could someone tell you to persuade you to write?
6) Do you think you might ever write, given the right motivation/reason/whatever? Why or why not?
7) Do you do ANY kind of writing at all? If so, what kind? (and yes, journaling counts! :P)

General questions for everyone:

8) Do you think that anyone can write? Why or why not?
I think most people can learn to do most things. Some things just take more work than others. In other words, if you’re willing to put enough time into it–where enough varies person to person–yes.

9) How/Why do you encourage people you know (if you do) to write?
By taking them seriously, and never telling them they can’t or shouldn’t do this.

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