Book meme

Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 23, find line 5. Write down what it says, along with this sentence, and post it in your journal.

The first book I grabbed was a weekly science magazine on my desk that picks up numbering in each issue where the last leaves off, and had no page 23.

The second two books I reached for had no line 5, because the children’s bookshelf is the nearest thing to my desk, and it has lots of picture books.

The fourth book I tried had a line five that read simply, “… what?” (A chapter book, but with short lines.)

Book five was a middle grade novel, but it had an illustration on page 23.

Here we go. Book six: “He was conducted to private apartments which held …”

I’m sure this will be easier for most folks.

(Meme from rustmon)

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