On changing the world

Last night a few of us were talking about (elementary) school and friendship issues, and about how some kids will give not only give those they deem unlikeable a hard time, but also those who dare to be friends with those deemed unlikeable. It’s a hard thing to be friends with someone in spite social pressures not to talk to them at all, but I know several girls who are caring enough to do so anyway.

I’ve been on the lookout the past few years for ways in which kids can help to make the world a better place–real, concrete ways that don’t amount to little more than busywork. This morning it occurred to me that this is one of them: by being a friend to someone who needs one, whether it’s easy to be so or not.

This may sound like a small thing, but anyone who is still in school knows it’s not. It really does take courage.

And it really makes a difference. That part can be harder to see while still in school, but it does. Not only for both the kids involved in the friendship (which would be reason enough by itself), but also in ways that ripple out through the years, to touch other people and other times.

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