Adventurer creeds

Eventually I plan to create a web page for Tiernay West, Professional Adventurer (working title). But as something of a teaser (or maybe just for fun), some Tiernay-statements from the book:

The World According to Tiernay

  • There’s more adventure out there than most people think, if you know where to look.
  • The best adventures all begin with legends that no one believes.
  • Adventurers don’t care what other people think.
  • An adventurer doesn’t get to choose her native guides.
  • An adventurer knows when the odds are against her.
  • An adventurer is gracious, even to defeated enemies.
  • Adventurers are good at redeeming the past.
  • School is so strange. When you grow up, you can adventure full time instead.
  • Adventurers aren’t good at waiting.
  • Sighing isn’t a very adventurer-like thing to do.
  • Sometimes, an adventurer needs rescuers and guides and outside advice. But sometimes, she has to follow her own instincts.
  • Adventurers look at all the possibilities.
  • Adventurers never do things simply because they’re easy.
  • Adventurers don’t care what other people think.
  • You have to start somewhere, en route to the far reaches of the earth.
  • The only way to redeem history is to make more of it.

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