Books bought yesterday:

– Patrice Kindl’s Goose Chase
– Laurie Halse Anderson’s Catalyst
– Sylvia Louise Engdahl’s The Far Side of Evil

(The last is a recently-reprinted sequel to Engdahl’s Enchantress from the Stars. Anyone else read Enchantress? I recently reread, and was impressed by how seamlessly this book overlays three different stories–one fairy tale, two science fiction–on one series of events, and finds them all true, without in any way being a science fantasy. Lovely, lovely stuff.)

Found myself thinking about how I spend much more time looking for fantasy in the YA section than the adult section these days. When I skim the adult genre section, it just seems I find a lot of the same old stuff, lately. I know a lot of fantasy is migrating to romance now, too. Makes one wonder what fantasy as a genre will become, a few years down the line.

Current reading: Robin McKinley’s The Blue Sword (A high school favorite. in fact, my original high school copy, with my name written proudly in the inside front cover and all, beginning to fall apart from all the times Larry and I have reread it.)

Recent Reading: Neil Gaiman’s American Gods (Still trying to decide whether this one worked for me.)

Also, Jeff Smith’s wonderful Bone comics, starting with Out From Boneville. (The first volume was loaned to us by QQQQQQlucy_anne some years ago. Another friend loaned us everything through to the seventh volume over the holidays. Very strange. Very good.)

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