Imaginary places

Speaking of other worlds, we camped last night at City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico.

The campsites are huddled around the sort of large boulders one can happily get lost among (with the knowledge that the total area of the boulders is such that you need only find high ground or wander a quarter mile or so in any direction to find your way out again), while beyond the rocks yellow scrub plains stretch toward scattered mountains in all directions.

Anyway, what was fascinating about this campground was how much it reminded me of Skywall, the imaginary world of one of my novels in progress. Right down to the incessant winds punctuated by occasional deep silences. I was making mental notes the whole time, especially since once I finish the current draft of Bones of Faerie I plan to do some Skywall revisions.

It’s not often one gets to camp in one of one’s own fictional places. 🙂

Anyway, even aside from that it was a glorious campground, wind and cold and all. The sliver of moon up last night was so bright it cast shadows. And the stars, once that moon set, were spectacular.
We’re home now. It’s pretty chilly here, too.

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