When people post an image to facebook of a pound of raw fat — taken at their gym, where it was presumably deliberately made as disgusting as possible — as weight loss encouragement, and others are applauding said picture because it’s all about trying to live a healthier lifestyle … when it’s okay to publicly fuel one’s weight loss efforts by encouraging a literal and visceral repulsion for the very cells within our own bodies … it’s time for me to get off the Internet.

Is this stuff getting worse, or has my awareness just gone up and/or my tolerance gone down?

Sometimes, I think I need to just leave facebook entirely, given that I can’t exactly change my entire friends’ list, let alone the society we all live in.

Time to log off for today, at least, and get back to telling my stories in which strength and power and agency have nothing at all to do with weight, and the only body image issues my characters have have to do with how to reconcile their shapeshiftery animal and human forms.

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