Did leg warmers ever actually make our legs any warmer?

I’ll be one of a bunch of YA authors hanging out with the folks at Eve’s Fan Garden for this year’s Camp Eve. Come join us for guest posts throughout the week and a group chat on Thursday.

Other participating authors include Holly Cupala, Elizabeth Eulberg, Jennifer R. Hubbard, Nina Malkin, Elana Johnson, Eileen Cook, Joelle Anthony, Lisa Magnum, Torrey Maldonado, Darby Karchut, Tom Leveen, Carol Tanzman, Kendare Blake, and Jeyn Roberts.

There’s a summer camp and an 80s theme, both of which give me flashbacks in very different ways. The camping has stayed very much a part of my life. The 80s stuff not so much. Unless, umm, you count that Best of Air Supply mix that just might be on my iPod. And my owning a handful of dying mix cassette tapes I haven’t yet brought myself to part with. And the fact that the phrase “when the omni’s red, it means history’s wrong” still gives me a warm fuzzy fanficcy feeling. And the fact that hearing the Star Wars theme song still fills me with happy.

But aside from that. 🙂

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